IQ Option is arguably the single most acclaimed binary options broker today. The brokerage boasts of over 25 million subscribers. Its trading platform is user-friendly, and the low minimum deposit and investment amount attract a lot of people. There are many reviews that will tell you to go for IQ Option if you are looking to start trading on binary options. You have probably landed here because you need to know how to get a verified account on IQ Option. Your IQ Option needs to be verified, for transparency purposes. IQ Option’s terms of service also indicate that no other person should trade on your behalf. As such, they need to verify the identity of the person sitting behind the trading platform.

Our aim is to guide you to get a helpful trading account. We seek to ensure you are armed with all the information you need to become a successful binary options trader. IQ Option, being one of the best binary options brokers, can help you get there albeit not without some effort. The review will guide you through the steps of getting a verified trading account on IQ Option.

Verify your IQ Option Trading Account

IQ Option Trading Account

Before you get to the verification part, you have to register for a trading account. The trading process if not complicated neither does it takes time. You need to ensure you are eligible for a trading account though. You must be of legal age to get a trading account on IQ Option. You should also ensure you are from an eligible country. IQ Option does not admit persons from various countries in the world. You can access the list of countries on their website.

Once you have confirmed your eligibility, you go ahead and sign up for a trading account. IQ Option offers two types of trading accounts. You can go for the real account that requires a minimum deposit of $10 or the premium account that attracts a minimum deposit of $3000. Immediately you sign up, you are going to get access to a demo account. You can use the demo account to get acquainted with the trading platform. You will get to the real trading platform when you make the initial deposit. However, you will need to verify your identity first before you can make the deposit.

Verify your IQ Option Trading Account

Account Verification

To verify you IQ Option account, you will need to submit documents that show your personal details. First upon registering, and email will be sent to your email inbox. You are to open that email and follow the link attached to verify your email. You should also verify your phone number by receiving a code from IQ Option and then entering it on the provided space.

You might need to submit either of the following documents.

  • ID card
  • Valid Passport
  • Utility bills
  • Bank statement

These documents are requested in order to verify the identity of the person opening the account and to ensure that the transactions regarding the account will be handled by the right person. Once your account is verified, you will be allowed to make the initial deposit and start trading. Getting you IQ Option trading account should be easy and straightforward. Follow these simple guidelines and get yourself ready for binary options trading with IQ Option. Happy Trading!

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