Binary options trading is quite popular in the US, just like it is in other parts of the world. The American binary options trading space is quite restrictive though. It is strictly regulated, which is a good thing for traders. The strict regulations ensure that trader funds are secure, and all the trade outcomes are genuine. There are many binary options brokers in the USA. You might be wanting to switch to a new broker, or you are just starting out with binary options trading. You need to get a good broker who will give you all the resources you need to trade. Nadex binary options is all you need.

US Regulated Binary Options Broker

Among the many binary options brokers in the USA, Nadex (North American Derivatives Exchange) rises up as the best in the business. Nadex is one of the biggest binary options brokers in the USA. One of the most unique aspects of Nadex as a binary options broker is that it does not place a stake in the market. Nadex revenues are from transitional fees. Nadex’s only job is to connect the buyers and the sellers. Binary options traders in trade on the actual global platform, and have access to a wide range of markets.

Let’s dig deeper and find out why Nadex is the best US binary options broker. This Nadex review will show you exactly why.

About Nadex

Nadex started operations in 2009 and has grown to become one of the biggest binary options brokers in the world. Nadex is regulated by the CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) which is the body mandated by the government to monitor and regulate binary options trading. Nadex allows its traders to directly engage in the global markets.

Nadex does not place any stakes on the market. They only offer their clients access. As earlier mentioned, their revenues are from transactions fees. That means Nadex would not have any vested interests in the outcome of your trade. If anything, they want more of their trader to win, so that they trade more and invite other traders.  That’s one of the most impressive features of Nadex.

Nadex Pros

The following are some other aspects of Nadex that makes it the best binary options broker in USA.

Learning Center

Whether you are an experienced binary options trader or a completely green newbie, Nadex’s learning center is quite useful. If you are completely green, you should engage the learning center. It has a lot of useful information that will help you get started with binary options trading. The learning center has useful information about trading strategies. This information could come in quite handy, even to experienced binary options trading.

US Regulated Binary Options Broker

Many binary trading options will not provide enough education about trading strategies. That’s because it is in their best interests for you to lose your trades. The Nadex’s learning center has plenty of videos, trading examples, e-books and webinars that are all designed to familiarize you with Nadex strategies.

Trading Platform

You can access your trading account from either a desktop browser or the NadexGo App. The desktop trading platform is very user-friendly and quite responsive. All the market parameters are available on the same window as the market trend charts. You can analyze the market and place an order in the same window. The trading platform is compatible with both Windows and macOS browsers. You access them from any of them.

The NadexGo app allows you to trade while on the go. You may not be able to analyze the markets of the same mobile platform through. You can start the trade on your desktop, then monitor and manage it from the app while on the move. You can exit the trade from the app as well. Nadex trading platform is designed to offer as much convenience as possible.

Demo Account

No other binary options broker will offer you $25000 virtual funds to experiment with. Nadex offers you a demo account with $25000 virtual funds so that you can experiment and come up with a strategy. The demo account is always active, even after you have opened a real account. You can use the demo account to perfect your trading strategy any time you need to.

US Regulated Binary Options Broker

The demo account allows you to put your Nadex binary options strategy to the test, although it does not give you access to the real market. The charts on the demo account are a simulation of some real market situations. As such, you should not assume that your strategy is applicable to the real market in the same manner that you applied it on the demo account. The account is meant to help you learn how to work with the strategy.

Low Minimum Deposit

Nadex requires you to place an initial deposit of $250 to get the individual trading account. Most of the other brokers start at $500. You do not need to have a lot of money to get started. You can get started with the little that you have. If you employ a robust strategy, and you have good market analysis skills, you will soon be making some impressive profits.

Nadex Cons

Trade Charges

The only major con with Nadex is that they charge you for every trade that you made. Each trade that you make on Nadex involves a number of contracts. Nadex will charge you $1 for each contract on the trade up to a maximum of 50 contracts. The maximum amount you can pay for a trade is $50.


Having gone through this Nadex binary options review, it is quite easy to see why it is the best binary options broker for US traders. Nadex’s trading structures are quite unique, and they are optimized towards helping the traders win their trades. Nadex’s credibility is also assured by the CFCT regulation. In addition, Nadex has partnerships with some very reputable corporations. Nadex has partnerships with Bloomberg, Yahoo, and CNBC just to mention but a few. You can always rest assured that your funds are properly handled. You can never go wrong with Nadex. Nadex gives you better chances of scoring your trades. Just perfect your craft, and Nadex will offer the support needed.

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