IQ Option is currently the biggest binary options broker by subscriber base. IQ Option has over 25 million traders on its platform. There is no other broker that even comes close to that number. IQ Option has developed their trading systems and platforms in such a way that they attract more people every day. Trading on IQ Option is easy and straightforward. Getting a trading account is even easier. You just need to register, get the account verified and make the initial deposit.

IQ Option

You’ve probably gone ahead an obtained and IQ Option trading account. You are now wondering where to get started. IQ Option offers both proprietary web and App trading platforms. You can use any depending on what is available to you. The layout of the trading platform is almost identical. This is a detailed guide of how you trade on binary options. It is a step by step guide on how to speculate on the financial markets and place a stake on IQ Option.

Our aim is to help you trade successfully on IQ Option. We take pride in exploring various aspects of binary trading, to ensure we arm you with relevant information before you start trading in binary options. However, it is important to mention that none of what is written here is a blueprint to making money on IQ Option. In fact, statistics indicate that only 5% of the people that sign up on any binary options broker end up profiting. The binary options brokers profit when you lose. It is never in their best interest for you to win. You need to master the art of making correct predictions if you are to stand any chance. We hope this guide can help you make steps towards that endeavor.

Trading Account

The first step of starting binary options trading on IQ Option is getting a trading account. IQ Option offers two types of trading accounts. You can either have the Real account or the premium account. The real account requires an initial deposit of $10 while the premium account needs an initial deposit of $3000. The premium account comes with an account manager and more privileges.

If you are a green newbie, it is important that you get acquainted with the trading platform through the demo account. IQ Option offers you a trading account immediately you sign up. Note that excelling on the demo account does not mean that you are now experienced in binary options trading. The pseudo-charts on the demo account are nothing similar to those of the real financial markets.

We say advise that you use the demo account to understand how the trading platform works, not to learn how to trade binary options. There are educational materials on IQ Option website that you can read. You shouldn’t solely depend on your broker’s provisions too. Find external sources of binary options trading knowledge, if you want to be in a good trading position.

Trading Platform

The IQ Option trading platform is self-explanatory. One the platform, you will see and instruments menu.  Click on the menu to choose the asset you want to trade with. IQ Option offers over 100 assets for you to trade with. Each asset will have the current profit percentage indicated against it. On the right-hand screen, there is a clock icon where you set the duration of the trade. The expiry time of the trade will be marked with a red line on the chart. Another white line will appear before the red line. That white line is the deadline for you to complete the trade. Below the clock icon, there is a space where you put the minimum amount you want to invest. You can now place the call option with the green button or the put option with the red button.

Verify your IQ Option Trading Account

The call option means that you are speculating that the price will be above the current point at the end of the trading period and the put option is the opposite. The minimum investment amount on IQ Option is $1 and the maximum profits can go up to 95%. IQ Option does not promise any bonuses.

So, you now know how to interact with the IQ Option trading platform. Is that the complete recipe for trading binary options successfully on IQ Option? Absolutely not! Next, we shall look at a number of techniques you can employ to ensure you become a successful trader on IQ Option.

Trading Techniques

IQ Option offers you financial markets indicator tools and trading signals. These are of no use if you cannot interpret them. Also, the trading signals you get from the broker are just indications that there is a possible trade that you could make. They are not prompted to execute profitable trades. You need to know how to leverage these signals to work for you.

Overall Performance Analysis

The Overall performance analysis technique focuses on the asset you are working with. The technique involves monitoring the companies whose assets you are working with. The trends of the asset on the financial markets are affected by the daily operation of the company. Understanding the standing of the company will give you leverage as far as making predictions is concerned.

Technical Analysis Technique

This technique majorly concerns itself with past patterns. It takes time to master this technique and use it effectively. If you monitor the financial markets closely, you will notice many patterns over time. Technical analysis involves being able to document the results under various patterns. You will be able to predict future results with certainty, based on your previous observations.


IQ Option is one of the most popular binary options brokers. As mentioned earlier it has the biggest subscriber base in the industry. It means there is something they are doing right, and possibly more people are making profits on IQ Option than anywhere else. If you have you trading strategy right, and are able to control the risks, you should be able to make some profits on IQ Option.

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