One of the most pertinent things you have to do when starting trading one binary options is choosing an appropriate binary options broker. If you went searching for a binary options broker right now, you will be met with hundreds of suggestions. As you explore the suggestions, two brokers will certainly stand out. These are IQ Option and Olymp Trade. These are arguably the most popular binary options brokers right now. Different reviews will have different opinions about that though. So, how do IQ Option and Olymp trade compare against each other? What prospects to they offer you. Let’s explore in this short review.

IQ Option

IQ Option

IQ Option is a Seychelles-based binary options broker. It boasts of over 25 million subscribers. IQ Option is one of the most popular binary options brokers. IQ options offer three types of trading accounts. You can sign up for a demo account, real account, or premium account. The demo account is meant to give beginners a head start. The real account requires a minimum deposit of $10 while the premium account needs a minimum m deposit of $3000.

IQ Option has over 300 assets that you can trade with. It also comes with a great educational system. Beginners can get to learn on the platform. Experienced traders will find the educational materials resourceful as well.

IQ Option is licensed and regulated by CySec. The broker is available in many countries around the world. Unfortunately, it is not available for countries such as USA, Canada, Japan, Israel and a few others.

Olymp Trade

Olymp Trade

Olypm trade does not differ too much from IQ Option. It is a Cyprus-based binary options broker, with headquarters in Seychelles and a strong operating base in Russia. The Binary options broker estimated that over 20000 people trade on its platform every day. The broker offers two types of accounts. A standard account with a minimum deposit of $10, and a VIP account with a minimum deposit of $2000. Both the accounts come with a demo account loaded with a $10000 virtual deposit.

Olymp trade offers over 60 trading assets. It also has ample educational materials that beginners can use for training.

Olymp trade is licensed and regulated by CySec too. It available all over Europe and in many other countries around the world. The broker is also regulated by the FCA. The FCA guarantees the traders on Olymp trade a refund if they duped by the broker.

Which One is Better?

As you might have noticed, the two brokers are quite similar. IQ Option has more variety of assets to trade with though. IQ Option offers 90% profit on the staked amount, while Olymp trade of 80% for traders in the standard account. This makes IQ Option a better option too.

In regard to which one is better for whom, both are great for both beginners and veterans. However, if you are a complete novice, starting on Olymp trade is a good idea. Olymp trade has a more comprehensive training program.

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