IQ Option and Empireoption are part of the most popular binary options brokers today. IQ Option is arguably the biggest broker. You must have come across Empireoption too if you have been around the binary options trading space for long enough. Maybe you have been looking around, and you have narrowed down to these to options. You are unable to call the shots and settle for one. How do the two binary options compare? This short review will juxtapose the two binary options brokers and try to come up with a logical conclusion about their suitability.

IQ Option

IQ Option

Any serious binary options trader knows about IQ Option. IQ Option has the biggest number of subscribers. The broker has over 25 million subscribers on its platform as of now. The brokerage of up to 90% profit on investment in payouts. It is with very low minimum deposit and investment, and that possibly why it has such a large number of subscribers. IQ option offers a demo account for beginners. It also has two other types of trading accounts.

  • Real Account – the real account on IQ option requires a minimum deposit of $10. The account can be upgraded to attract more benefits by depositing over $100. Many traders on IQ Option are on this account.
  • Premium Account – this account attracts a minimum deposit of $3000. This account comes with a personal account manager and free periodic financial analysis by IQ Option ‘s resident analyst.

The minim investment amount on IQ Option is $1. As evident above IQ Option is made to be beginner friendly. It works just great for a veteran too.


Empireoption is a binary options broker that is headquartered in Uruguay. The broker has an operating base in the UK too. It is one of the most popular Binary Options brokers in South America. The broker operates a spotoption trading platform in multiple languages. It features English, Spanish, French and Portuguese platforms. The broker offers a demo account and five other real trading accounts. The trading accounts are as follows.

AccountMinimum Deposit ($)
Account Empire5000

Empireoption is designed for the traders who wish to trade in high amounts. The minimum investment in Empireoption is $25. The small accounts have restrictions on money withdrawals and each withdrawal is charged $30. The Account Empire and VIP accounts attract great benefits and ample support.

Which One is Better?

It is evident that the two binary options brokers are very different. IQ Option is a beginner friendly broker, but it could work great too for an experienced broker. One the hand Empireoption does not seem to have room for beginners and traders with small amounts. It would be difficult to realize any profits on the Micro and Classic accounts. Overall, IQ Option stands out as the best broker. It is regulated by CySec, and it is trusted around the world. Empireoption is neither licensed nor regulated by any authority.

Check out the comparison table below.

BrokerMinimum Deposit ($)Minimum Stake ($)Maximum Payout (%)
Empire Option2002582
IQ Option10190

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