So, you have been searching for an appropriate binary options broker, and someone has recommended High Low. Before you get started on High Low, you need to understand what it offers and how it works. You need to understand all this before you make that initial deposit. Binary options brokers themselves will not let you in on much about them until you make that deposit. They will possibly feed you with a lot of stuff to entice you to get on that platform. What you really want to know is; Is High Low legit? Can you make money trading binary options on High Low?

In a bid to respond to these pertinent questions, below is an objective and honest high low binary broker review. The review seeks to neither promote nor dismiss High Low. It rather seeks to inform you about what High Low is all about. Enough of the chit-chat. Let’s dive in and find out what High Low has to offer.


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About High Low

High Low is an Australian-based binary options broker. Australia is one of the countries with tight rules and regulations on binary options trading. These rules and regulations lock out a good number of binary options brokers. High Low is one of the most trusted binary options brokers in the Australian trading space, and around the world in general. High Low is a bit different from many of the other brokers. It allows you to make predictions with reference to two points. A high point and a low point. You can predict that the asset you are trading with will not go high or low beyond particularly high and low points respectively. That is why it is called High Low.

High Low just like all other binary options brokers, profit from trader losses. You should never therefore at any point imagine that it is in their best interest for you to keep winning. That does not mean you have to lose all your trades though. Can you profit trading binary options on High Low? Yes, you can. Unfortunately, it is not a walk in the park, contrary to what High Low or their partners would want you to believe.

We shall look at the various accounts High Low offers, as well as a couple of strategies to can employ on High Low to ensure you profit from your trades.

High Low Account

HighLow Review

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High Low has not account segmentation. There is only one account you can sign-up for on High Low. The difference is in the options you choose to trade with. High Low first offers a free demo account. You can choose to start on the high low demo account or go straight to the main account. The high low free demo is available for everyone. The High Low minimum deposit is $50.

High Low offers you a couple of trading options. They are;

1) High Low binary options – as already mentioned, this is High Low’s main trading option. You predict that the assets will remain in between certain high and low points. They offer a payout of between 180% and 190% of the investment.

2) High Low Spread – this options show allows you to predict the assets spread. It shows the standard method of price making in the forex markets. 200% of the investments are offered as a payout. These options are for traders who prefer high risk, high return options.

3) Turbo Options – these options are typical options where you pick a particular point, set a duration and wait for the trade to expire. High Low allows durations of between 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

4) Turbo Spread – it is basically a combination of the High Low Spread and Turbo options. It is high risk high and fast returns, model.

High Low operates a proprietary web platform and Android and iOS platforms. You can log in on whichever platform suits you. The minimum investment amounts us $10 while the maximum amount is $2000. High low has over 80 assets that you can trade with.

There are a couple of high low withdrawal and deposit methods. They are outlined in the photo below;

HighLow Review

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How to Trade Successfully on High Low

Many high low options reviews indicate that High Low is a high risk, high returns trading platform. You need to tread carefully on High Low. Some of the people profiting the most from binary options trading trade on High Low. Many others lose huge sums. So, what are some of the strategies you can employ to ensure you profit from high low?

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Trading Strategies

The most important strategy on High Low is the Money management strategy. You have to understand the risk hovering over your funds. You need to keep the risks and possibility of winning at a balance. Money management involves controlling how you invest your remaining balance and taking advantage of a winning strategy to increase the remaining balance.

Analysis strategies such as overall performance analysis and technical analysis are still quite important. You need to have a deep understanding of the patterns of the financial market. Since high low is a high returns platform, you stand to profit more if you have your strategy right.

High Low Licensing and Regulation

HighLow Review

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Licensing and regulation are the most important aspects as far as the reputation of any binary options broker is concerned. High Low is licensed and regulated by ASIC. It has the Australian Financial Services License from ASIC. ASIC is the main regulatory body in Australia. It is one of the strictest regulatory bodies as far as binary options trading is concerned. Many binary options brokers do not meet its threshold and cannot operate in Australia. Many highlow binary options broker reviews have recognized it as one of the most trustworthy binary brokers.


High Low has carved a name for itself as a legit binary options broker. It also offers a larger variety of options that trader can work with. High Low offers great educational materials too. However, you do not want to jump in right away if you are a newbie. Take time to learn. High low has high-risk trades. On the flip side, you can make impressive profits if you have your strategies right. We hope this high low options trading review can help you trade seamlessly on High Low.

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