If you have been looking around in the binary options trading space, you must have come across Expert Option. Expert Option is one of the most popular binary options brokers. The binary options broker you work with is crucial to your chances of making any profits. As such, you need to understand what your binary options broker does bring to the table, before you get involved with them. Maybe someone has recommended Expert Option, or you just want to try it out. How genuine is the expert option? How does expert option works? Can you make money on the expert option? All these are pertinent questions that require precise answers before you finally deiced trading with any broker. The following is an objective and honest expert option review 2019.

ExpertOption Review

About Expert Option

Expert Option is a binary options broker based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. It is a fairly new binary options broker, having burst onto the scene in 2015. Expert Option broker has enjoyed constant growth and has amassed over 8.5 million subscribers to date. This award-winning broker is available in over 150 countries around the world. It does not admit traders from Canada, the USA, Israel and a couple of other countries though. Expert option is legal in India and other countries in Africa and Europe. Expert Option is regulated by CROFR, VFSC, and FMRRC.

ExpertOption Review

Before we get to how to trade on Expert Option and the strategies you could use there, it is important to note that Expert Option is just like any other binary options broker out there. The broker makes money when the trader loses their trade. Therefore, it would be naïve for any trader to get involved hoping that the broker will help them make money. Also, the information in this review neither seeks to promote or dismiss Expert Option. It seeks to inform and help you understand what Expert Option really is. This expert option review should not be taken as a blueprint to making money on Expert Option. We hope it can help you trade profitably on the platform though.

Expert Option Account

As always, the first step of starting trading on any binary options accounts is to sign up for a trading account. Expert option offers you a demo account. The expert option free demo account comes pre-loaded with $10000 for you to start trading with. The demo account is meant for newbies to get acquainted with the platform.

ExpertOption Review

Expert Option is no different from the other binary options brokers concerning the demo account. The demo account will make you think you got it all right with binary options trading. It will take you to a point where you are winning almost all you trade. It’s nothing like that on the real financial markets. The markets are quite volatile and you got to have your strategy right if you are to stand a chance of profiting.

Having said that, below is a list of the binary trading accounts available on Expert option. Expert Option offers 5 types of trading accounts.

ExpertOption Review

1) Basic – this is the most basic account on Expert option. It is meant for those who wish to start trading with little. The expert option minimum deposit here is $50. Definitely not the littlest in the industry, but affordable. We advise that you get started on this account even if you are a newbie, to get acquainted with how the binary options trading work on the real financial market.

2) Silver – this is a more advanced account that offers free consultations. If you a little bit of experience in binary trading, you can start on this account. The minimum deposit requires for this account is $500.

3) Gold – this account offers you smart investment tips and free consultations. The minimum deposit for this account is $2500.

4) Platinum – this most advanced account you can get right away on Expert Option. It requires a hefty minimum deposit of $5000. The account offers free account management and expert analysis and advice.

5) Exclusive – this account is a preserve for those performing really well on Expert Option. It is offered over an invite program. Your account manager can help you get in. That is if you already have a platinum account.

Expert Option offers up to 95% profit on the staked amount in payouts. Many expert option trading reviews identify these as some of the largest payouts. The expert option maximum trade is $1.

A major concern is always about how to withdraw money from expertoption. Some expert option withdrawal methods are shown in the picture below. The expert option minimum withdrawal is $10.

ExpertOption Review

Once you have an account, what you need next is an expert option binary options strategy. We always advocate for trading in binary options with a strategy. Many parties, including the brokers, would like you to believe that you can just stumble upon a trading platform and start making a profit. Nothing can be further from the truth.

Trading Strategies

There is not a known best expert option binary options strategy or a blueprint to making money on Expert option. You got to use the suggested guidelines to come up with your own strategy, depending on how you perceive various aspects that affect financial markets. The following are some common guidelines that are used while trying to come up with an expert option binary trading strategy.

  • Money Management – money management involves controlling how you use your deposit, as far as trading is concerned. You should always ensure a balance between the risk involved and the money you stake. Never hesitate to take as much advantage as possible when you realize a working strategy. Control you stake amount while you are looking for a strategy. Once you’ve found the strategy, use compounding to make sure you get the most out of it.
  • Prediction Strategies – this is where backstops. Analysis and prediction are the heart of binary options trading. Overall performance analysis and technical analysis are the two strategies used to make a prediction. Overall performance analysis concerns itself with the performance of the entities attached to the stocks you are trading with. On the other hand, technical analysis depends on past events. Technical analysis involves document past patterns in the financial markets and looking out for similar patterns going forward.


Expert Option is a great binary options broker when you consider all the services it offers. The training materials and analysis tools are great. However, the broker is regulated by an unacclaimed regulatory authority. Notice that some brokers will make up a non-existent regulatory authority, just to give the notion that they are regulated. We are not implying that Expert Option is a scam by any means. We are saying we cannot say with certainty that it is legit. Going by its popularity and the fact that there are no complaints about it yet, we would like to believe it is could be more legit than it could be a scam. We hope this expert option broker review can help you trade successfully.

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