Expert Option is a binary options broker that has been providing one of the most impressive brokerage services of the industry. Expert option is one of the most notable names on the for binary options scene today, despite it being a fairly new entrant onto the scene. 

Expert option moves millions of Dollars between itself and its traders every day. It is for this reason that it is important for it to have a variety of money transfer methods on its platforms. It has to make it easy for its traders to transact with it. Apart from that, the minimum deposits it charges are very significant in determining how many traders in a can attract to its platforms. 

As we discuss these two aspects about expert option in the sections that follow, you are going to realize that the counter allowed for the success of the broker as well as that of the traders. 


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In order to better understand how the minimum deposits, affect how many credits can get on to the expert option platforms, we need to consider the number of trading accounts on Expert Option and the minimum deposit for each. 

Expert Option Minimum Deposits 

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Expert option minimum deposit are one of the reasons why it has so many subscribers on its trading platforms. Expert option is one of the binary options with the lowest minimum deposit. Take look at the kind of trading accounts that it has. 

  • Basic –  $50
  • Silver – $500
  • Gold – $2500
  • Platinum – $5000
  • Exclusive – Invite-only account

The amount indicated alongside each of these accounts is the minimum deposit for that particular account. The least amount is the $50 required for the basic account. Note the more you deposit the more privileges and support you’re going to receive from the broker. That does not mean that the basic account does not provide enough support. It is a good account for a beginner binary options trader. While $50 is not the least amount that can be charged by a binary options trader, it is an amount that most Traders who have the capacity to trade binary options can afford. 

Expert Option Minimum Deposit

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Also, it is quite impressive that Expert Option has a large variety of trading accounts. The minimum deposits for the subsequent accounts are significantly higher, but they are still amounts that many traders would be able to afford. That means every kind of Trader has somewhere to start on expert option. 

There are a lot more exciting aspects of the expert option trading accounts. Among them are the methods available for depositing and withdrawing funds. We are going to explore them below and find out how they enhance your trading experience. 

Expert Option transaction methods

Binary options broker, expert option transactions are divided into three major categories. They are; 

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  • Credit cards and debit cards 
  • Ewallets 
  • Wire and bank transfers 

These are usually the standard methods of transacting online regardless of which kind of business is in question. The difference is in how the transactions are completed and the actual service providers that are involved. 

In a bid to ensure that it has a good variety of transaction methods on its platforms, Expert Option works with quite a number of financial service providers. Also, many of these transaction methods are embedded in the expert option platform, which means that you do not have to visit a third-party platform in order to make your deposit. 

Let’s see what Expert Option offers under each of these categories. 

Credit and Debit cards 

Expert option works with the best service providers in the credit and debit cards industry. Among the most notable names, you will see on the expert option platform MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, and Maestro. These service providers are among the best in the industry and their services are above board. 

There are many advantages to choosing Credit or debit cards as your method of deposit. One of the most notable pros is the fact that your credit or debit card deposit is going to reflect on your trading account with immediate effect. Card payments are usually completed instantly and Expert option will load the balance on your trading account immediately they have received the funds. 

Note that you might be charged a small amount for the transfer. The exact amount differs from one service provider to the other and it also depends on the amount that you are depositing. These charges are not by Expert option. 


E- wallet

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E-wallets are just as exciting as credit and debit cards. We are considered the present and the future of transacting online. We cannot argue with that given the convenience they come with. In addition, your legs are the cheapest way of transacting online. 

It is no surprise that expert option has a number of them on its platforms. As mentioned above, E-wallet services are embedded onto the expert option platform to make it easy for you to make your payment. You just need to click on your e-wallet of choice on the expert option platform and you will be led to a checkout page where you will enter the amount you need to deposit and send. 

E-wallets are because they are also instant just like credit cards. The moment you hit the send button on any of the e-wallets platforms, expert option is going to receive your deposit and they are going to load up your trading account with an amount equivalent to your deposit. 

Below is a list of the e-wallet available on expert option. 

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Yandex
  • Union Pay
  • FasaPay
  • QIWI
  • Perfect Money, etc

That is quite an impressive variety of e-wallets. You have to keep it in mind that not all these evil it will be available in all countries. In most cases, you will find that you have access one or two of the e-wallets outlined above. In some countries, they are unable to use any wallets credit cards. Under such circumstances, the only option remains to be bank or wire transfers.

Bank/wire transfers 

Bank/wire transfers have been around even before people started doing business online. They can be said to be the oldest method on the book but that does not mean they are not effective. If anything, they are currently considered as one of the safest ways of transacting online. The app to transfer of money is not happening online but between the sending and receiving bank. That’s why the funds being sent remain very safe. 

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Expert option has bank transfer as one of its money transfer methods. As mentioned above it is an option for traders in countries that have no access to credit cards or e-wallet services. While bank transfers are slow and expensive such Traders do not have much of a choice. A bank transfer deposit can take between five and seven working days before the funds you’ve deposited reflect on your expert option trading account. 

Stiil, most brokers cannot do away with bank transfers, because they the ideal method if a large amount of money is involved. Which bank transfer is charged depending on the amount of money being deposited. The charge is by the banks that are affecting the transfer and not by expert option. 

Now let’s talk about withdrawals. We are not going to go through the money transfer methods again since we are the same methods that you will use to receive your funds after you have requested expert option to send you your money. Also. The methods will work, when you are withdrawing, in exactly the same way they work when you’re depositing. 

It, therefore, means that if you want to receive you with the drawers in the shortest time possible, you should choose credit cards or evil as your preferred method of transaction. If you must use bank and wire transfers, then you must have the patience to wait for a couple of days before the funds hit your bank account.

Your withdrawal requests are processed within 24 hours of making the request. There’s always a platform on which you can follow the progress of your request. Immediately the request has been confirmed, your funds will be sent into your most preferred money transfer channel.

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Expert option is a top-of-the-range binary options broker, and we do not expect you to run into any challenges while trading with it. If by any chance you are experiencing any challenges with your transactions, the expert option customer care agents are always available. You can talk to them through live chat email or even a phone call. They are quite responsive and they will try to serve you issue in the shortest time possible

In conclusion, expert option is a fantastic binary options broker not only for beginner traders, so for seasoned traders. You can rest assured that our experience with expert option will always be exciting. We understand that it is not the responsibility of expert option to ensure that you are making a profit, but we can guarantee that it offers all the support needed for you to be able to trade successfully.