CEO & Editor-in-chief Introduction

evoke finance about meThe CEO & Editor-in-Chief, Mr. Faisal is a financial markets expert with a strong belief that people can make money from them if they study well enough. Mr. Faisal is quite passionate about the stock markets, binary options trading, forex trading, and cryptocurrency trading as well. He has 10 years of experience in analyzing the financial markets, and drawing conclusions based on the trends observed. Faisal spends uses this platform to inform and educate people about binary options trading. He believes people can profit from the trade if they are willing to put in the required effort. Faisal does not believe in luck. He does not believe luck has a hand in binary options trading either.

Faisal is an enthusiastic contributor to the analytical and writing team. He strives to ensure the information you get on the platform is factual and truthful. He is part and person of the process of developing the trading signals, and the various trading strategies that we talk about in the platform. In as much as we do not guarantee that you will make profits if you learn what we teach, Faisal believes the platform is very resourceful for anyone looking to profit from binary options trading. He practices binary options trading with the strategies and tips we develop and he is quite successful at it.

Faisal frowns at the thought of approaching binary options trading as gambling. He views that as laziness. He takes part in writing various pieces to educate people about binary options trading, and how they can invest their money in it. He is a master at risks mitigation, which is the whole essence of binary options trading. Binary options involve investing your money, where the probability of losing it is next to zero. Binary options trading involves probability and not a possibility. Faisal says if you consider possibilities in binary options trading, you will certainly fail.

Faisal also works to ensure the platform runs smoothly, and the website is user-friendly and intuitive. He wants to ensure you have the best experience with the website. He also strives to ensure all the laws and regulations that govern our operations are adhered to. He ensures everyone follows the terms of service, and your privacy is protected as per the privacy policy. Faisal is very passionate about the platform. He sees it a great inspiration tool for people to who want to get involved in binary options trading.

In his free time, Mr. Faisal loves to read and travel. He has traveled far and wide. Through his travels, he has interacted with various financial markets around the world. He has also interacted with various binary options trading jurisdictions, and he understands how they work. He travels have always been resourceful and adds a great deal of useful information to the platform. He is such an avid member and leader of the drive. He is the driving force behind the whole platform, and he puts his best foot forward to ensure it is nothing but the best.


Updated November 2019