Best Forex Brokers Brazil

Brazil is a country that can never be ignored in any front. It has proven itself to be a world-leader in many aspects. It is equally as notable in the forex world. The large population and developed trading infrastructure in Brazil provide the perfect conditions for forex trading. There are a lot of forex brokers in Brazil seeking to get a piece of the forex brokerage market there.

The question is, which one among these brokers would be the best option for you? We often get questions bordering around what is the best forex broker and how to choose the best forex broker in Brazil. We’ll try and provide some conclusive answers below. 

First, here is a table listing out top picks for Brazilian traders. 

BrokersMinimum depositMinimum spreadCurrency Pairs   
IQ Option$103 pips291st Choice

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FXTM$100.1 pips572nd Choice

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Read Review$500.97 pips503rd Choice

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eToro$500.6 pips49

Before we get to reviewing the forex brokers listed above, let’s first explore what makes a great forex broker. It is the basis upon which we are going to provide recommendations. 

So, what considerations should you make while seeking the best broker for forex trading?

  • Reputation, Trust Level, and Regulation – whenever you come across any forex broker. Take time to dig online and listen to what other traders who have used it before have to say. Use that to gauge the trust level and reputation of that broker. Apart from that, it is important to always ensure you are working with a regulated forex broker. 
  • Trading Accounts and Platforms – The main role of a forex broker is to create a bridge for you to access the global forex markets. They do so by providing a trading platform, with all the necessary market charts and trading tools. Take time to find out whether the broker you intend to work with provides all that. 
  • Trader Support and Customer Service – While forex brokers are not obligated to offer you any trading support, many of them do so in order to attract more traders to their platforms. It makes sense that you’d choose the forex broker that provides you with the most support. Also, the last thing you need is to run into hitches while trading and there is nobody there to assist you. Ensure you are working with a forex broker whose customer service is available at all times

Now let’s get to the exploring the specific forex brokers and find out what they have to offer. 

1) IQ Option

IQ option

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IQ Option is one of the most widespread forex brokers in the world. It is no surprise that it is available in Brazil. That’s good news for every Brazilian forex trader, since IQ Option provides some of the most stealer services. There is a lot to get excited about when you get the chance to trade on IQ Option. 

Let’s explore IQ Option using the parameters of a great forex broker that we’ve outlined above. 

Reputation and Trust Level

IQ Option has 20 million active traders on its trading platforms. It hasn’t achieved that impressive feat by being a mediocre forex broker. It has achieved that by being a trustworthy and legit broker. IQ Option has one of the best reputations you will come across. Every trade who has had the chance to trade with IQ Option has had nothing but praise for the broker. 

Iq option

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We cannot base our trust for IQ Option on hearsay only though. We can guarantee that IQ Option is a properly regulated forex broker. That means that you do not have to worry whether your trades are being executed properly, or whether your funds are in safe hands. 

Trading Accounts and Platforms

IQ Option is not very extravagant on the trading accounts front. It has two only. Actually, it has one main trading account named the standard account, and a VIP account which is designed as a reward to successful traders on the platform. The standard account requires minimum deposit of $10 making IQ Option one of the best forex brokers with low minimum deposit 2019. 

Open Free Demo Account at IQoption

IQ Option also has a demo account. The IQ option demo account is an exciting account that ensures beginners have an easy time getting started with forex trading. Also IQ Option has very user-intuitive and responsive trading platforms. They make it incredibly easy for forex broker to trade profitably. 

Trader Support and Customer Service

We mentioned the importance of getting support from your forex broker. IQ Option does not fall short on that front. The demo account we’ve discuss above in one form of such support. It offers support in other forms. IQ Option’s customer service is also quite commendable. They will always be available whenever you need them. 

2) FXTM-

Best Forex Brokers Brazil

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FXTM is one very impressive forex broker, not only for Brazilian traders, but also for traders around the world. It does not score any less when it comes to providing an ultimate trading experience. FXTM is a forex broker from Cyprus, but it is able to operate in a lot of countries around the world. 

Reputation and Trust Issues

We’ve been interacting with FXTM for quite a long while, and we’ve never had reasons to doubt its legitimacy. We haven’t heard anyone complain about the services it offers either. FXTM remains to be a top forex broker because of the stellar and above board services that it offers. 

Further from what people say about FXTM, you’ll be glad to know that it is a regulated forex broker. FXTM is regulated by CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) the Cypriot body mandated to oversee the operations of forex brokers. FXTM is certified in many other parts of the world, including Brazil. 

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Trading Accounts and Platforms

FXTM is popular for having one of the widest varieties of trading accounts. FXTM does not fall short, and it offers the best trading platforms you can think of. There are two tiers of trading accounts on FXTM, and each tier has 3 types of accounts. They are listed below. 

Standard accounts

  • Cent account – $10
  • Standard account – $100
  • Shares account – $100
ECN accounts
  • ECN Zero account – $200
  • ECN account – $500
  • Pro-account – $2500

The amounts alongside each of these accounts are the minimum deposits required for each. Clearly, FXTM is one of the best forex brokers for beginners 2019. Also, FXTM is one of best forex brokers with demo accounts 2019. The FXTM demo account is quite interesting, it is designed to resemble a live trading account. The account gives you a perfect feel of what trading on a live trading account would be like. 

Trader Support and Customer Service


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FXTM has managed to become a top trader by ensuring all its traders have ample trading support. FXTM is arguably one of the easiest broker to trade on. The trading terms are quite favorable, and there are a lot of tools for you to trade with. FXTM’s customer service does not falter either. FXTM is a very supportive forex broker, and its customer service is always available when needed. 

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Open Free Demo Account is a very interesting forex broker from the USA. It is one of the biggest forex broker in the entire American continent. There is no surprise in it being one of the best forex brokers for Brazil clients. is a trusted forex broker, thanks to its regulation by the CFTC (Commodities Futures and Trading Commission). 

Trading Accounts and Platforms is just as impressive as the forex brokers listed above. It makes a point of creating a balance between variety of trading accounts, and ensuring every trader is well supported. Here are the trading accounts you will find on 

  • Individual
  • Joint
  • Corporate
  • Sharia

These names are quite self-explanatory, and they should tell you what these accounts are all about. One of the most interesting things about trading on, is that all these accounts have similar features. The minimum deposit for any of these account is $50. 

Trading Support and Customer Service

Open Free Demo Account at is known to have the most economical trading terms. Its spreads are quite tight, and you stand an impressive chance of making a profit on the platform. Also, each trader is accorded ample trading support, to ensure they can trade without hassles. also knows that a responsive customer service department is one of the secrets to remaining on top. Theirs is nothing short of attentive, supportive, and gentle. 

4) eToro


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Let’s cap off the guide with a brief review of eToro. There is something unique about eToro. It is a copy and social trading platform. eToro is similar to the forex brokers outlined above in many ways, but it sets itself apart by offering one of the most exciting social trading platform. 

EToro is from Cyprus, and it is and it is regulated by CySec. It enjoys backing from many other regulatory authorities, which makes it ones of the most trusted forex brokers. The excitement about eToro is brought by its social trading platform, which allows traders to interact with one another, and also copy the trading strategies of other traders on the platform. 

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There is nothing much to write home about eToro’s trading accounts, as it only has one. Most of its attention is always on copy trading and its social platform. That does not take away anything from it because it is still one of the best forex broker Brazil.