Best Binary Options Brokers Thailand

Thailand is one of the biggest and most powerful countries in Asia. It is also one of the countries that are at the forefront of binary options trading. There is a load of binary options brokers in Thailand looking to entice binary options traders there onto their platforms. April broker uses different techniques to ensure it is attractive to all kinds of binary options traders. 

If you are a beginner trader, it is easy to get confused with regard to which binary options broker is the best. Below, we are going to review several binary options brokers that operating in Thailand and try to find out how ideal they are for you. 

The table below features 3 brokers that we are going to feature in the review. 

BrokersMinimum depositMaximum PayoutDemo Account
IQ Option$1095%Yes
Expert Option$2595%Yes
Olymp Trade$1092%Yes

Before we start reviewing each one of these brokers, it is important for you to understand the considerations that you should make before deciding to Settle on a particular broker. 

  • Trading accounts – the first consideration you have to make is the type of trading accounts that the broker has. These binary options trading account are the reasons why you need the binary options program. Ensure they have everything you need to be able to trade. 
  • Reputation and regulation – binary options trading has become a soft spot for scammers and fraudsters. As such, there are many scammers masquerading as binary options brokers on the internet today. The last thing you want is to get into the tricks of such characters. You can avoid that by ensuring the broker you are working with has a stellar reputation and is regulated. 
  • Customer service and support – as mentioned in the beginning, different binary options brokers will use different means to try and entice you to join their platform. This is the building support that you’re talking about. You obviously would want a binary options broker that provides as much support as possible. Also, you want a broker who is available to solve any trading problems, if you run into any. That’s the essence of insuring your broker has lively customer service. 

Let’s not dwell on the binary options brokers with listed above. 

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Best Binary Options Brokers Thailand

IQ Option 

IQ Option is the best way of starting this review. It is one of the biggest names in the binary options trading scene today. That is because it offers top-notch services, and makes it easier for beginner traders to start trading binary options. IQ option is in many ways the best binary options broker for beginners. 

Before we get to the trading experience on IQ option, we have to mention that it is a regulated broker and hence a trusted one. IQ option has its headquarters in Cyprus and is regulated by the Cyprus securities and exchange commission (CySec). This regulation means that all the operations of IQ option are controlled to ensure that individual binary options Traders are not duped or exploited. 

IQ option trading accounts 

As we’ve mentioned above, the only reason he will get on to a broker’s platform is to access a trading account. IQ option has two of them. They are; 

  • Standard account 
  • VIP account 

Before you get onto any of these accounts, it is important that you take time to familiarise yourself with how the IQ option trading platform works. That is why IQ option offers a demo account. In fact, IQ Option is the best binary options broker with a demo account. The IQ Option demo account is available as long as you are still on the platform, and it comes with a virtual balance that can be reloaded at any time. 

The standard account is the basic trading account on IQ option. It requires a minimum deposit of $10. $10 is the least minimum deposit that you will find out the binary options trading industry. That means that IQ option makes it quite easy for beginner traders to get a trading account. Other brokers have significantly high minimum deposits, and they make it difficult for beginner traders to get started. 

The VIP account will require that you have a minimum of $1900. The account has some special privileges though. Some of those privileges include account managers, market reports, and trading indicators. It is a way of IQ option to reward traders who have been loyal to the platform and have been trading successfully hands helping IQ Option make some money as well.

With regard to customer support and service, no other broker can beat IQ option. It is no surprise that we found IQ Option to be the top binary options broker in Thailand. We’ve mentioned some of the support you will get above while talking about the VIP account. This support puts you in a better position to profit from your trades. IQ Option’s customer service is always available whenever it’s needed. Customer care agents are available around the clock to ensure they handle any issues that you might run into while trading. 

Best Binary Options Brokers Thailand

Expert Option 

Expert Option is a name as big as IQ option. It is another binary options broker that has control over a bigger part of the binary options trading market. That’s because it’s services are also quite impressive, and it is a broker that puts the interests of individual Traders at the forefront. We know that because he had a chance to trade on IQ option and the experience was nothing short of blissful. 

Would like to make you comfortable by making you aware but Expert Option is a regulated binary options broker. Expert option is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and is regulated by the Vanuatu Financial Service Commission (VFSC). As such, you shouldn’t have any worries while trading with Expert Option. 

Expert option trading accounts 

Expert option Rises to the top mainly because of the large variety of trading accounts that it offers. It has five trading accounts each with a different minimum deposit and different trading platform. 

The accounts are; 

  • Basic account – $50
  • Silver account – $500
  • Gold account – $2500
  • Platinum account – $5000
  • exclusive account – invite only 

The list of trading accounts above explains the variety of Twitter accounts that we’ve mentioned in the best way possible. You’ll note that the minimum deposits increase as the caliber of the account increases. While everyone on the platform will get some sort of trading support, those on the high caliber get more support, and hence more chances to win their trades. The basic account is still a perfect account for any beginner since the minimum deposit is low enough. 

With regard to customer service, Expert Option does not fall short. Customer service is very important and it would be a shame for a binary options broker as big as Expert Option to lack a functioning customer care department. Its customer care department is quite functional and the friendly agents are always ready to listen and help.

Best Binary Options Brokers Thailand

Olymp Trade 

The fact that we’ve closed down the review with Olymp trade, does not imply that it is any less of binary options broker than the ones we discussed above. It is also one of the binary options brokers that has a big section of the market, and that’s because it offers impressive services and exiting trading features. 

It is always important to consider the regulation of a binary options broker. Already mentioned that above. Olymp trade is a regulated broker just like the two that we have reviewed of above. In fact, it is regulated by Cyprus securities and exchange commission, just like IQ option, since it is also from Cyprus. 

Olymp Trade trading accounts 

There there are not many trading accounts on Olymp trade, but there is a lot to get excited about with the few that are available. There are only two of them. You will find a standard and VIP account. The standard account will require a minimum deposit of $10 while the VIP account will require how many mum deposits of $2000. Again, just like is the case with IQ option, the VIP account is a way of rewarding loyal traders. It, therefore, comes with some privileges that are not available on the standard account. 

Just because they are VIP account has some special privileges, it does not mean that the standard account is not a good one. In fact, the account is accommodative to seasoned traders just as it is accommodative to beginners. 

Olymp Trade also has a demo account. The unlimited demo account is a demo account like any other and it helps you become familiar with the Olymp trade trading platforms. You might also get to learn a thing or two about trading on the real markets if you are aggressive enough. 

Olymp trade offers a lot of trading support to all its traders. Even those on the standard account will get some form of trading support in order to put them in a better position to realise profits and be able to get into the VIP account. Also, you will never have to worry about running into challenges on the Olymp Trade platform, because you are assured that the customer care agents will be available to help you deal with any problems that might arise. 

In conclusion, the three binary options broker we have reviewed above are the best not only in Thailand but in many other countries where they are available. Trading on each of these platforms is a unique experience in its own right.